Bob & Debbie Hays were highly recommended by close friends who were very happy with the construction of their home. Bob is a hands-on builder who surrounds himself with the best people who work to his expectations. During construction of our lake house we grew to depend on Bob and Debbie for their honesty, candor and integrity. Bob would meet us at the job site on each of our visits, answer all of our questions and make suggestions to improve the livability and functionality of our home. Bob has stood behind his work and our house is as beautiful today as it was when completed five years ago. In addition, they have helped us maintain our home through periodic inspection and repair. We have referred friends to Bob & Debbie and those referrals have been extremely satisfied with the results. Bob and Debbie have become good friends through the years and we can recommend them without reservation.

Jeff and Susan Meints, Sunrise Beach

We have known Bob Hays and his family for over 16 years, during which time they remodeled our first home, then tore it down, built us a new one, remodeled our boat dock, and completed numerous other projects. Their workmanship is of the highest quality and they have never hesitated to fix any mistakes. They are great to work with, and we would never use any other builder for any type construction.

Dave & Halle Widner, Sunrise Beach

We've very much enjoyed working with the Hays family on our house project. We are pleased with the quality of the "product" and the fact that Bob and/or the subs will come back if problems arise, which very few have.

Joe & Sandi Becraft, Deer Haven

Several years ago, my wife and I bought a home in Horseshoe Bay right on the water. It had great potential; but, needed major renovations such as moving a fireplace, tearing out all the old tile on the floors and patio and replacing them, totally gutting and redoing the kitchen with all new appliances, changing an office to a theater room with all the electronics, building cabinets in the family room, etc. My wife's niece, Mrs. Robin Thomas, recommended Bob and Debbie of "Hays Dream Homes" to us. Bob hired and supervised all the workers and Debbie kept track of all the bookwork. They were totally honest with us and many times went the extra mile. THEY LITERALLY SAVED US THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS! It was a great pleasure doing business with them and their sons. We couldn't and still can't believe how fortunate we were to have them. THEY ARE THE BEST, and now we consider them dear friends. I would highly recommend them to anyone no matter how large the job!

O.R. Van Ness, Horseshoe Bay

Here are our thoughts about the "Renovation Experience"  We looked for honesty, integrity, expertise and a willingness to spend time communicating. Bob & Debbie Hays along with their son, Jonny fit profile and then some. Let me explain:

• Honesty is telling the homeowner the truth regardless of the consequence. Sometimes we wanted to make changes that seemed fine on the surface. However, Bob always took the time to inform us of the risk, the cost, the timing and the long term impact. Because of his honesty we made informed decisions.

• There is an old saying that says "If you give up your integrity everything is easy." Bob proved his integrity was intact and an integral part of his approach to business. When we ran into some water damage, he immediately began working to determine the root cause and find the best solution. He not only found the cause but also a low cost permanent fix. Needless to say, he gained our respect and trust.

• One of the wonderful things about Bob is his accumulated expertise over a wide range of issues. But perhaps more important was his network of colleagues to help out when he found something unusual. We were impressed with his knowledge and his willingness to reach out for support when the need arose. We felt that our interests were his first priority.

• Communication is critical---period. Bob, Debbie and Jonny spent countless hours informing us about everything we needed to know and everything we asked to know. Nothing was too small. And it was so refreshing to deal with people who were prompt. It just made us feel good.

Debbie runs the office so don't worry about the administration. Over and done. Jonny was our superintendent. He is a fine young man learning all the "right stuff" from his Dad. He kept the sub-contractors in line and the workers pointed in the right direction. He was always available to help us with details. We enjoyed the experience working with the entire Hays family.

Jack and Peg Crownover, Sunrise Beach

In 2003 we purchased a lot in Sunrise Beach, Texas which we thought had great potential for a view of Lake LBJ and the surrounding Hill Country. Since the terrain of the lot was very steep and unlevel we became discouraged trying to locate a builder to construct a retirement home for us. We discovered Bob Hays Dream Homes on the internet. Bob agreed to meet us at our property to discuss building a home on it. When we arrived Bob was there to meet us and was so positive and upbeat and assured us that we could build a home on our lot and would indeed have a wonderful view. He never failed to keep his appointments with us over the next several weeks and we were confident that Bob Hays was the builder for us!  Bob was very knowledgeable and helpful when he drew up our plans and kept them in line with our budget and lifestyle. During the construction process we were never concerned about the building process even though we were 215 miles away. Bob is very experienced and has extremely high standards. He had many challenges during the building process and always kept his positive nature. There was no problem that he couldn't solve. We moved into our beautiful home in August, 2004. We are enjoying a fantastic view THANKS TO BOB HAYS!  During this time we met his wife Debbie and their sons who work in the family business. We are proud to say that they have become very close friends. Their reputation, honesty and integrity meets the highest standards. Bob not only met, but exceeded our expectations.

Terry and Dianne Scalise, Sunrise Beach

We love our house!

Bob and Debbie were fabulous to work with! I did not particularly want to build because I'd always heard horror stories about the costs, the laborers, and the disputes involved. But Bob was patient, thoughtful, honest, straightforward, very knowledgeable, and willing to listen to our ideas. I guess I would say listening was a huge factor. When we would ask questions, he would think before responding, and his responses always addressed the issue.  They are fair, very hard-working people of integrity. It was a pleasure to have a builder we knew we could trust from day one, and whom we knew was working with us. They kept well-organized books and provided copies of all the statements with each draw.

We went into the process with great trepidation, but emerged fully satisfied and delighted with the results. We were comfortable with the subcontractor and laborers because we knew Bob was closely supervising and managing them. If we were to ever build again, we would not hesitate to use Hays Dream Homes! Count us 100% satisfied customers.  We think we have the most beautiful home we have ever been in! It's built like a fortress, and you can feel the quality when you walk in the front door.

We cannot say enough nice things about Bob and Debbie. Although we did not know them at all when we started (other than that we had a high recommendation from a friend for whom they had built, and we were shown some of his other houses), we consider them our friends, and still stay in touch. Their family has blessed us in more ways than just building our home.  I do not believe anyone has ever stepped foot in this house who didn't comment on how well-built it is. We were blessed to be able to tap into Bob's experience when it came to problem-solving and addressing the issues we had not thought about beforehand. For example, we knew where we wanted the house located on the lot, but had not considered how to deal with the steep slope of the land in front. Bob suggested a stone retaining wall that transitions beautifully, and the design he came up with really compliments the house and balances the whole appearance.  Debbie was a great contact person for account details and communications, and they were both excellent at providing resources for the many, many fixtures and finishes that go into building. They make a super and well-integrated team.  We are so glad we chose Hays Dream Homes to build our home. It could not have turned out any better!!!

Gene and Leslie Bishop, Fredericksburg